Misery Loves Alice

June 22, 2009

It is hot. Really hot.  Why does anyone live here!  Omaha is close to 100 degrees today, supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  Typing is making me sweat.  I need to slow my fingers down and grab a Gatorade.  What is a 5 month old to do?  A little light reading helps pass the time.IMG_3867This is just how upset Alice is that she can’t go outside and play with deacon in the grass.

We have to ride this heat wave out.  No choice. Ice cubes in the tub, tall frosty sasparilla in hand.  Alice has resorted to keeping her pureed carrots in the freezer.IMG_3940Luckily the A/C is working like a dream, until the electric bill comes.  After that you will be able to find us at the mall with the other  A/C freeloaders.


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