Wait for Me!

June 8, 2009

I have decided there is almost no way to keep up with the latest trends, news, and updates in the world of web design, typography, photography, Photoshopography, vector art, e-learning, instructional design, or even regular news. I barely make it through an issue of The Atlantic before the next issue arrives – and there’s no hope of making a dent in The Economist because it’s a weekly mag! I’d like to stay on top of the trends in my own field, but it’s not nearly as exciting as free Photoshop brushes (which I never get to use). Yet, I still love downloading them and playing with them for 20 minutes or so, even if I don’t get to use them.

It’s just slightly overwhelming because I’d like to make my iMac do everything for me I know it can but I don’t have the time to learn how, so it’s just a large and beautiful web browser and photo organizer. When Alice is sleeping we have to catch up on all those things that we’ve lost control of (cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the floor, putting the dishes away, weeding the garden, etc) and only seem to have time to do when she’s asleep. And she’s not much of a napper these days, so our days are usually spent entertaining and feeding her (or napping with her). So from about 7:30 or 8 til about 9:30 or 10, we rush through all those things that we can’t keep up with and then go straight to bed. Neither of us have the energy to read in bed anymore, so our bedside books collect dust.

Here’s the catch though – I don’t actually mind. I only really feel overwhelmed by all the technology and trends that I am missing out on or falling behind on  when I’m sitting at the computer, which as you just read, I don’t do very often. Nick and I hang out with Alice and take her and Deacon dog for walks and relax in the back yard. Even running errands seems like something we just happen to do while we’re hanging out with Alice. It’s like a weird perk. We drive to the grocery store and push her around in a cart and goof off with her and magically at the same time our cart fills up with food. Bonus!


Some day I will get around to updating all of the stuff that’s already outdated and blog regularly and some day I will always know about the latest and greatest whatever. Until then, I am 100% happy with watching the latest and greatest of Alice. I just hope that I can sit at the computer long enough to let everyone else watch the latest and greatest, too!

alice6(Apologies to Facebookers – these are the only pics I have access to at work!)


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