Lyrics Needed

March 29, 2009


Who do you feel more sorry for?

Who do you feel more sorry for?

Well we’ve got a week til we take Alice on her first vacation – although I’m not sure ‘vacation’ is the right word for it. We’re traveling to Florida, but I’m sure there will be times when it will feel anything like a vacation. Fortunately we will have the entire Todd clan there, so we have plenty of support. Unfortunately, not even the most loving of family members will volunteer to take a crying baby off your hands on an airplane – I don’t care what kind of family you come from.img_3649


Alice has developed a fairly predictable routine of crying loudly and extensively right before she falls asleep. This is usually preceded by her being extremely cute and smiley, and then out of the blue she wigs out. At least she’s getting on a schedule, right? Covering her with a blanket sort of helps, but she’s a flail-er, so the blanket’s only going to stay on her for a little bit. Singing seems to calm her quickly, but I’m not exactly looking forward to singing Rockabye Baby on the plane.

Speaking of the most famous lullaby in history – what a violent song! I don’t think the lyrics mean a whole lot to you when you don’t have your own child who you’ve probably had a horrible vision of dropping while getting her out of the sink bathtub. Nick’s pretty good at making up his own lyrics to songs – I’ll have him come up with a more suitable set of lyrics and will pass them on when he’s done. In the mean time – enjoy the latest batch of pictures!img_3630


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