Gray Day Indeed

March 10, 2009

Warning – This is not a happy entry. I just read – no, tried to read – an intense article in the Washington Post. It is a lengthy article about parents who left their children in their car. This article discussed the physical strains of parenting and how easily our brains become forgetful or distracted. There were some very well researched topics about this horrible phenomena, citing everything from the rear-facing car seats to how parents and families have become busier and busier.

The article followed a few families and told their stories, which made the article so difficult to read. The sections about psychology, memory, court trials, and proposed laws are longer, detailed paragraphs. The sections about the real life tragedies are one word sentences, so there’s no accidentally skipping over a gruesome detail. I read one of those gruesome details and I cannot get it out of my head. I was not able to hold back tears while sitting at my desk.

This image will not escape me and I cannot help but picture my own car and cannot help but put Alice’s face into one of the stories – not because I think this could happen to me, but because this truly could happen to anyone. I will put my purse in the back seat from now on, not because this could happen to me, but because this could happen to anyone. Read the article. I couldn’t read all of it, but I’m glad I read what I read, even with the horrible images it described.


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