Things I Have Learned

February 28, 2009
  1. I have a lot to learn
  2. A sense of humor is vital – even amidst a serious crying spell babies can still be funny and they’ll stop crying eventually
  3. Clean house fast – you never know how long you’ll have to get it all done
  4. Don’t tiptoe – the more noise you make now, the more baby will get used to hearing it, so you can have raging house parties so you can clean house frantically without worrying about waking her up
  5. Dishwasher baskets for baby stuff don’t work – you’ll have to hand wash them afterward anyway
  6. Grandmothers are amazing – they truly know what they’re talking about and make everything look easy
  7. Baby talk can be embarrassing – It’s one thing to do it in public when you’re actually talking to baby – it’s something else entirely when you’re on a conference call at work
  8. Poop isn’t that gross anymore – You could potentially have it on your hands or clothes all day and not even know it
  9. Everyday revelations never cease – There is always something new to witness and embrace
  10. Babies really are blessings – And they really do smell that good



One comment

  1. One thing I learned early–the only songs we know by heart (that you can sing to calm a baby) are Christmas carols.

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