The Milking Parlor

February 21, 2009

Well my first week back at work was pretty uneventful, apart from the whole maternity leave not working like I thought it did. I blame the prego brain. I will probably have to re-read every book (meaning the ONE book) I read while I was pregnant because it basically didn’t happen.

Anyway, the building I am in at work has a “quiet room” that I get to use twice a day so Alice can continue to be fed with nature’s goodness (the same nature’s goodness that has me washing sheets a couple times a week – TMI?) I thought for sure I would be able to check the key out and have my name on a schedule or something, but I have to walk to the front desk and fill out a form each time I pick up the key. I casually mentioned that it would be nice to just check the key out for a month at a time or something, and the girl at the desk said that there are several women who use it twice a day as well. I then looked at the sign-out sheet and only saw my name. I guess the other women were all out this week.

Anyway, the quiet room is pretty nice. There’s a sink and a fridge, which makes all the cleanup and storage a little easier. Although yesterday I forgot the milk in the fridge from my morning session and left early for a doctor’s appointment so I didn’t pump in the afternoon. It worked out kind of nice because I was able to bring Alice up for another show-and-tell.

I’m starting to like my little breaks, though. Makes me think I should pretend to pick up smoking just so I can have an excuse to disappear for 20 minutes or so. I bring a book and set it on the handy little desk and zone out. I haven’t had any major fiascos yet, but I’ve had to linger a little longer while my pants dried from the odd drip during the removal of the suction cups (again, TMI?).vet30

The one weird thing is that the quiet room has a window. Granted, the window is covered by blinds, but still, a window? I know they added the room with this purpose in mind, so why add a window? I rearranged the furniture a little bit to compensate for the window. I hope the “several other ladies” who use the room don’t mind. The furniture is still as I left it each time, so I guess not.


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