220, 221, Whatever it Takes

February 18, 2009


Daddy day care is in full effect.  Alice and I have spent the whole day together while mom is at work.  Things have gone swimmingly.  The morning started with a bottle, followed by a two hour nap!  We made a trip to target for some breast milk storage bags, and baby wipes, and then we took the long way home so Alice would have plenty of time to fall asleep in her car seat.   And she is still sleeping. Awesome.

I was a little worried about the whole “Mister Mom” situation and not feeling like my societal gender role was being fulfilled.  Doesn’t seem to be a problem so far.  It is great spending time with the little one.  And to top it off my psychiatrist Dr. Ruffington says this is just a time of transition. yi3s1u6t2q1u6d3w2w1

It seems like Alice has some sixth baby sense and she knows when I am getting frustrated, because that is always when I get a huge smile or a cute yawn.  Well once Sarah gets home from work its off to the night job at the bar.  Ahh, adults.  It may not be the most normal lifestyle, staying at home with the baby during the day and babysitting a bunch of drunks at night but for now it is working out great.  If I start confusing the two worlds I am sure Dr. Ruffington will offer up some advise.


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