One month old!

February 9, 2009

Well we made it through the first month unscathed. We’re getting more sleep now, but were definitely spoiled by the two days in a row where she slept through the night. She’s woken up every night since around 4 am, but it’s definitely better than the schedule she used to have. We had it good for a couple days and now we’re back to stumbling around at 4 am.img_34881

She’s staying awake for longer periods now and is super cute. She’s made a couple new faces and is getting really strong. She’s starting to hold her head up for longer periods and is almost under control all the time. This means that when she does get tired of holding it up, she dives into your chin or shoulder pretty good. She’s pretty awesome all around.img_3486

This weekend she met Aunt Ann for the first time and we had a great time.Aunt Ann was wonderful during Alice’s fussy times, which there are more of than we’d hoped, but I guess that comes with her being awake and cute for longer. Alice made her first trip to the Gross Anatomy Lab, so she’s well on her way to telling weird and creepy stories to all her friends. Nick is still not used to the idea of me or Alice hanging out in the Gross Lab, but we all turned out OK so I’m sure it won’t be her last trip.

The “baby monitor” is still doing his job but is still visibly jealous.He makes it very difficult to get off the couch because he insists at sitting right at our feet. He is ready for Spring, but aren’t we all?



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