December 18, 2008

Clearly I have difficulties writing a new post every day. I was wondering how that would work. Combination of factors, really…it’s cold in the basement, I’ve been busier at work (where I started the blog and wrote the first post), and I haven’t quite figured out the niche of this blog. Sure, it’s here to keep family and friends informed of what’s happening with my belly and eventually the baby. But there are enough things that go through my mind on a daily basis that you’d think I’d have plenty of ammo.

Take entropy, for example. I have long suffered from the effects of this concept, but didn’t know what was causing all of my frustrations until high school chemistry. Entropy and chaos – it all makes sense.img_2187

We have a small living room area, which consists of a large coffee table, a couch, an old leather chair and a couple other tables and shelving type pieces. Most of our daily activities occur around this coffee table, so it only makes sense that it gets cluttered quickly. Today is no exception. I’m downstairs, so I’m going off of memory, but I can picture our lunch dishes, two open Green and Blacks chocolate bars (yummy), opened and unopened mail, my purse, the latest Economist, 9 remote controls (slight exaggeration), Deacon’s comb, and I’m sure a lot of other stuff that I can’t even see.

Point is, it was clean yesterday (OK, Monday). But still, even with picking something up and taking it to its home (one of many places that seems like a logical storage place at the time) each time I walk by, the table becomes a pawn in entropy’s game of inevitable chaos. I like the idea of entropy – that you have to expend energy in order to overcome it – but I like the idea of entropy in regards to cells and chemical reactions, not my coffee table.img_1250

Will adding more storage places help with overcoming entropy, or will it require more energy to keep that organization? Does it take longer to dig through one junk drawer or try to remember the last logical location for a particular item’s storage? I’m sure Nick will vote for the latter option, but I’m not convinced. Perhaps I need to review my high school chemistry textbook.


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