Baby Fever

December 10, 2008

        It is finally here.  Officially.  Baby fever has set in. Overnight bags have been packed for the hospital and the nursery is stocked with enough brightly colored plastic to bankrupt a landfill.  I have to admit that the smell in “Switters'” new room is really nice, pre diapers that is.


              This is getting awfully serious.  I’m finally starting to understand what my parents meant when they said “someday you will understand”.  My brain is being pulled in so many directions right now it feels like it’s being drawn and quartered by a team of Clydesdales.  I am being inducted into the adult society of parent hood and no one has taught me the secret handshake yet.

        All in all, the moral of the story is that I am so excited I can’t contain it.  I just want to meet the baby, I want to see my wife meet the baby. That should help.





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