Mom’s Dream

December 5, 2008

While I was at Mom’s house for lunch taking Nick’s Christmas present for a “test run,” she told me about her most recent dream.  Apparently she and Rosie and myself were somewhere in California shopping – some place upscale like La Jolla or San Fransisco. We were apparently enthralled by some silk woven skirts that look to be made in Heaven or something. I think she said ‘exquisitely intricate.’

Must not been much of a dream though, because apparently we didn’t have money to be shopping in the stores we were in, so it was pretty much like life in the real world… eternally window shopping. The kicker was that Rosie decided not to take her flight home, which was the day before we found the heavenly skirts that we couldn’t afford. She was just having too much fun to leave. That’s usually the way it goes when she’s here or I’m there. Just when things started to get good, someone has to wake up and return to the real world. Which is what happened after what appeared to be a successful test run of Nick’s present…I had to come back to work.


One comment

  1. Hey,
    Sarah forgot to tell the funniest part of the dream. Gordon and Big Rixey were on the periphery of the dream (probably because yesterday we wished Big Rixey a Happy Birthday a day late). Anyway, I had rented them a car, about a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, painted safari green and brown. They drove off down the hillside of brownstones, happily waving, in their 2008 bodies and grey hair. It was so funny! We were standing on the sidewalk. I love my dreams! And ya’ll!

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