A Little Help Here?……………

April 6, 2014

Fwhee, Anna is Fwhee years old, we are still working on pronouncing our R’s.  We baked a cake and made a party sub and invited the usual friends, family and Russians over to celebrate.  It’s amazing how Anna and Alice get along so well, these two are gonna be trouble.


Singin’ Her Guts Out……………….

March 19, 2014

Ready For The Thaw…………………

February 18, 2014

A surge of spring-like weather has us chomping at the bit to get outside.  We got new tubes for the bike tires, skateboard is out of hibernation and spring can’t get here soon enough.  Alice mastered the two-wheeler a long time ago and Anna is already riding it half the length of the driveway.  As far as the skateboard goes, Alice is harflippin’ and boardslidin’ very soon.  Mom wants them to play soccer, boring.  Anyway, here are some pics from the long, hard winter.  Killing time is our specialty.


And There You Have It………….

January 20, 2014

Five,  Alice is five years old.  This blog-ish thing is over five years old.  Whoa.  Alice threw quite the shindig for her fifth, even invited some friends from school.  The traditional donut hole cake was served and a huge mess was made.  If you are like me and have too much time on your hands you can surf through the past entries here on Deacondog blog and see pictures of all five of Alice’s birthdays.  Soon Anna will be three, and don’t forget about Deacon he is pushing eleven.



January 7, 2014


Ho Ho Hizzzzzzzzo…………..

December 26, 2013

Holiday’s have been pretty quite this year, a nice dinner at Aunt Suzanne’s for Christmas Eve, a quite dinner at Nana C’s for Christmas and the usual Santa related antics at our house.  When the girls saw that Santa had eaten all of the cookies we left out for him it really felt like Christmas.  We also concocted our first family Holiday Card.  It is only available in a digital format so enjoy all of the pictures and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Don’t Forget About That Time We Had Thanksgiving And A Bunch Of People Came To Town!!!!!

December 5, 2013

What happened?  That went really fast.  Pictures.


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